Sunday, 4 April 2010

1st Jan 2010

JAN 1st 2010
New year, new decade, new Dr. Who and new me!
I won’t be wasting time making impossible New Year’s resolutions for me to break, just a big goodbye to the noughties and an even bigger hello to 2010!
Yes I can feel it in my waters, this year will be the year when my two rom/com books finally get published. Hollywood will be begging me for the screen play that I am attempting to write and sexy Colin Firth will be hounding me to play a role in my block buster movie!
Yes I admit I live in a fantasy world! So what? I have taken 3 years to write my books and so far no publishers or literary agents have read them.......everyone can’t be that busy!!!
It’s difficult being a writer you know. In the daytime it can be very lonely and at night it’s even worse because it’s hard to sleep when you’re curled up in bed and your head is constantly filled with characters running amok.
I am well aware my books may be crap in fact it’s highly likely, but surely someone could find the time to read them and offer helpful feedback.
Maybe Simon Cowell could do X-Factor the author? Although that may well be a trifle boring, as it wouldn’t make great T.V. watching the judges read a book for an hour would it? Diary of a Frustrated Unpublished Author on ice could be good, or maybe there could be Diary of a Frustrated Unpublished Author -the Musical!! Just stick a couple of songs in it (Abba perhaps) and there you have it! Oh dear I think someone’s already used Abba haven’t they? Oh well never mind.
I am feeling extremely pleased with myself hangover after New Year’s Eve! I stayed in and behaved myself, perhaps I should just as disciplined with my writing:
O.K. new rules to assure success.
1. Don’t take so many coffee and biscuit breaks!
2. Must keep sending out copies of my book even though nobody seems to give a flying fart.
3. Don’t take endless breaks to scan the shopping channels for bargains that will change my life for the ever. Yes I am addicted!
4. Finish screen play A.S.A.P. and pester every film and T.V. company with the script.
5. Don’t take so many Colin Firth film breaks..........not sure about this!!!! I don’t know whether I’m ready yet!
6. Make sure Colin Firth’s agent knows about the thrilling new role that’s soon to be available.
7. Replace negative thoughts with positive mental attitude!
8. Lastly don’t give up because this really could (or should I say will) be the year.

Must go because the kettle’s just boiled, I’ve got a tin of Quality Street with my name on it and ‘ Easy Virtue’s’ on Sky Plus (a really good film with Ben Barnes, Jessica Biel and oh yes England’s national treasure and all round good egg C. Firth.)

More to come next week.................

The ever hopeful
P.D. Scott
(Frustrated Unpublished Author)

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